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Augusta Masters is our inspiration

Watching tournaments like the mythical Augusta Masters we are inspired to do things well. This tournament knows the best players in the world for too many reasons. The Augusta National Golf Course is just one of these reasons. In other words, this beautiful course required expert greenkeppers and a full-fledged staff to represent the best tournament in the world.

Augusta Masters
Amaizing view in a golf course.

PGA tour field in Augusta Masters

This Augusta Masters tournament featured more than 200 of the world’s best golfers at the beautiful Augusta National each year. Everything in the best conditions to give a golf show. It is a festival of eagles, birdies, and pars, it is a pleasure to see the best shots of the best golfers in this unique place.

Augusta Masters
A golf swing in the afternoon.

Swing and not thinking to much in Augusta Masters

For this level of players it is the most representative tournament of all time. It is necessary not to think too much. It is better to think that work and practice for years have to speak for themselves. They just play and let the results at the end of the tournament be good enough to win.

The number 10 hole green.

Nike, Garmin and the best brands are sponsors in Augusta Masters

It’s crazy to think of the money that the world’s best golf brands spend on these tournaments and golfers. Therefore, we are motivated to keep working hard to meet the standards and do our best. Golf Guru Colombia wants to give away perfect moments, experiences and memories with golf

The most important brands sponsoring golf.

The caddy is so important

For Golf Guru Colombia, caddies are important, that is why we help the foundations that coordinate caddies on golf courses. For example, we give them training for development, improvement of quality of life and professional expectations.

Augusta Masters
The golf caddies are important actor in the colombian golf scene.

The most population of caddies in Colombia are poor people that need more opportunities. In addition the most of the professional golfers in colombia were caddies. This is a particular situation in wich we can see that only a little quantity of them find a future in the golf world.


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