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Briceño 18 golf course

The Briceño 18 golf course is distributed in a total area of ​​70 hectares, it has a huge driving range or practice field with more than 400 yards of distance. It is one of the longest golf courses in Colombia since it has more than 7,400 yards of total distance in a par of 72 courses.View of the lake in the Birceño 18 golf course.View of a Cross Bunker at the Briceño 18 golf course.

Services offered at the Briceño 18 golf course

Enjoy a spectacular golf course in the savannah of Bogotá at the hands of Golf Guru Colombia and don’t worry about a thing, we provide you with the necessary care, services and arrangements so that you have a worry-free day of golf.

Briceño 18 Golf Course on Garmin and GameBook

This course is satellite marked by Garmin and GameBook, which allows you to have detailed yardage for each round of golf. It also has a second round that was recently inaugurated, more specifically in 2017 and is inspired by the Scottish fields of the fifteenth century. Where the wind plays a lot since it has low trees and also has large greens.

Briceño 18 golf course
View of the lake, green, flag and pine trees from a hole in Briceño 18.

Picnic Briceno 18

In addition to enjoying a beautiful golf course, your non-playing friends and family can also enjoy a fabulous and well-organized outdoor picnic. For this reason, your entire circle can enjoy nature and the fresh air that is breathed in this area. Specially designed for the family and the healthy enjoyment of green landscapes, birds and other characteristics and benefits of the countryside.

Beautiful and organized picnic in Briceño 18 golf club.
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