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Golf caddy are fundamental people within the sport that we love and make up a game team with the player . In addition to their work, they are a support point for the player within the golf courses and the challenges they present. Fundamentally, the caddy, in addition to his morning duties, plays such important roles as: those of a sports coach, a sports psychologist, a friend and even a spiritual guide.

What does a golf caddy do?

Training of aspiring golf caddies.

Golf caddies have commitments both to the player and to the golf course where they work. Let’s look at the different tasks that can be found in each of these two facets.

Commitments of the caddy with the golf course

  • Raking the golf course: this is a job that is done outside the golf play and that involves going to sectors of the course that have a lot of leaf litter. This is raked and accumulated in large piles that are ready to be collected by the operators on the golf course tractors.
  • Placing flags and rakes: another of the tasks of certain caddies is to collaborate every day in the placement of flags in each hole and the rakes to fix the bunkers.
  • Throw sand on the divots: this task must be done within the game and also in collaboration sessions. In these is where the holes created by the impacts against the grass in the golf shots are covered with sand.
  • Fix marks on the greens: Many of the marks left after the ball bounces off the greens are not fixed. So it is another of the tasks that the caddies must fulfill during a round and also in collaboration days.
  • Fix bunkers: After the player steps into the bunker, the caddy should try to make the bunker as close as possible to how it was before the player stepped into it.

Commitments of the caddy with the game

  • Clean clubs and bag: The caddy must keep all playing equipment clean and in good condition to play golf.
  • Manage the equipment: the caddy must be attentive and aware of everything in the equipment to keep the player informed of any anomaly.
  • Counting Yards – The caddy must be aware of the distances on the course to provide accurate information to the player.
  • Suggest golf clubs: the caddy must be able to give advice on the club to play at the time he is asked. And at any other time to avoid mistakes to the player.
  • Know the rules of golf: an excellent caddy knows the rules of golf very well to provide support and advice to players at the time they request or need it.
  • Know the conditions of the course: this is another factor that makes the difference between a good caddy and a regular caddy. The falls of the greens, the humidity of the sectors, the slopes and the hard places of the course, are information of great value to the player.
  • Mark the ball in the correct way: mark the ball in the correct way implies not losing balls, which provides a plus at the level of impacts for the player in addition to the emotional issue.
  • Move with agility, dexterity and intelligence: golf is a sport that requires absolute concentration. The same that the caddy must have to carry out adequate movements and help with his energy in the performance of the player.

FUNCADDIANT golf caddies

Funcaddiant is a foundation that is in charge of managing and supporting the population of caddies in Antioquia. This organization is expanding nationally and is a role model for foundations of this type. This foundation is one of the allies of Golf Guru Colombia to support the population of caddies in the country.

Logo of the FUNCADDIANT Foundación de Caddies de Antioquia.
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