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Club Campestre El Rodeo Medellín headquarters

The Club Campestre El Rodeo Medellín headquarters, is an excellent place to play golf surrounded by a beautiful and thriving city. You will enjoy 18 holes of golf on a luxurious course. We will make all the necessary arrangements to make your golf day a success, all you have to do is call us and tell us the date you would like to enjoy it. Our services in this club are:

  • Transportation from your location to the golf course and back to the place of your choice within the city.
  • Green Fee (right to play) for 18 or more holes in a day of golf.
  • All-risk civil liability insurance with excellent coverage in case of any inconvenience or unexpected accident.
  • Caddy for 18 holes with knowledge of the course.
  • A bag with clubs in excellent condition.
  • Gloves, golf shoes and golf apparel.
  • New or second-hand golf balls, as you prefer.
  • Packages of golf tees for 25 units made of wood or plastic for 10 units.
  • Food and hydration within the club.
  • Liquor offer.

Green Fee (game right) at Club Campestre El Rodeo Medellín headquarters

You will enjoy a perfect golf day on an 18-hole course in the city of Medellín. Which has an excellent climate to play and practice golf. The golf course of Club Campestre El Rodeo Medellín headquarters has modern facilities in a central location in the city, just 15 minutes from the city center and 10 minutes from the El Poblado neighborhood of Medellín.

club el rodeo
Photo taken from hole 19 towards hole 18 with El Poblado de Medellín background.

Comprehensive insurance for our clients with excellent coverage

We offer comprehensive insurance for cover a possible accident on your golf day. We offer you an insurance designed for people who want to have a pleasant day and do not want to worry in the event of an accident.


Golf caddy at Club EL Campestre El Rodeo Medellín headquarters

We supply you with a caddy of the first, second or third category. Some caddies have more than 10 years of experience and other caddies are just beginning their careers. They all have the best attitude to play with you. Tips for caddies are optional and the golfer can tip his caddy as much as he wishes.

Club campestre el rodeo medellin headquarters
17th hole fairway with lake on the left side at 150 yards, caddies and players.

Top-notch Caddies

They are professional caddies with a minimum of 10 years of experience helping golfers to play this and other courses in the country. They know perfectly the greens and their falls, they know the yards to play in any hole and they will warn you of the risks of the course.

Second-rate Caddies

They have less than 10 years helping golfers, but they have a lot of experience to give you the necessary instruction. They are guys who know the field and continue to learn about this beautiful sport.

Third category Caddies

They are young boys who are just beginning their profession and are just beginning to get to know the field. However, they are constantly being coached by professional golfers giving them the basics of golf strategy and service on this course.