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At Golf Guru Colombia one of the most important factors is the equipment. Since this allows people who visit our country from abroad to enjoy golf in Colombia. Many people travel without their golf equipment and we provide a solution for them. So if you are in Medellin, traveling for business, work or fun and you don’t bring your golf equipment with you… don’t worry, we have solutions for you.


Equipment with golf clubs

We have golf bags with clubs in optimal conditions to practice the sport. Come to a beautiful golf course surrounded by nature with beautiful views of rural sites in the San Nicolás Valley in Rionegro, Antioquia – Colombia.

Equipment with new golf gloves

We offer you the possibility of playing golf with quality and absolutely new equipment at very favorable prices. Hire your golf package and add your small, medium or large size glove and for right-handed and/or left-handed players.

New or used golf ball

We offer the possibility of choosing between new balls or second-hand balls. If you want new balls you can choose between hard balls and soft balls, choose the ones of your preference.

Equipment with plastic or wooden tees

Golf tees made of wood in a pack of 25 units.

Plastic tees for 10 units and wooden tees for 25 units per package. We have a variety of sizes and personalized tees for the promotion of your company.

golf apparel

We have available all kinds of clothing for golf practice.

Shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, shorts, caps, stockings, belts and special glasses for golf practice. Just ask us for what you need and we will send you photographs of the products with detailed wholesale and retail prices.

Shoes and tennis to play golf

We have a wide variety of golf shoes, trainers and tennis available. Order yours right now and enjoy golf in Colombia with Golf Guru.

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