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Golf course near Medellín

We have to talk about a golf course near Medellín. Because we discovered it and you cannot leave Medellín without visiting this incredible place.

Colombia is a country rich in biodiversity, it is the second country with the highest biodiversity after Brazil. It has the highest biodiversity in birds and the second in flowers. Without forgetting the delicious coffee that the center of the country gives away.

Colombia is the second country in Latin America with the most golf courses after Argentina. Which has more than 300 of them. However, Colombia has almost 60 fields with a nature and biodiversity that you cannot imagine.

La Macarena golf course

The jewel that we find in the East of Antioquia is an incredible 18-hole golf course with trails to walk through beautiful jungles that you will never forget. All this in a Golf course near Medellín.

Golf course near Medellín

Rionegro is a city almost an hour from Medellín, its location is in the San Nicolás Valley. A place with the perfect climate to play golf and practice this incredible sport. Every day of the year we have caddies waiting to find a partner to enjoy this magnificent course that has the most incredible challenges waiting.

A course near Medellín as a great advantage

Rionegro is a growing city but Medellín is the commercial capital of Colombia. The progress of this city is ringing around the world and playing golf in an inclusive context is a great advantage for its businesses.

Enjoy right now the wonders of the La Macarena golf course. Visit the beautiful natural landscapes, see so closely the most beautiful and largest birds playing golf.

Golf Guru Packages in golf courses

Our business was born from a question… Why don’t the majority of golfers who come to Colombia know the La Macarena golf course? Our answer is this business. We want and love to play golf in this course and we can offer plans to travelers in Colombia that provide security, good service, comfort and entertainment.

Take it easy, we will do everything for you, be welcome and enjoy this magnificent 18-hole golf course. Feel the good vibes of the staff and make this place one of your favorite places in the world.

More golf courses

In a short time our business will grow and we are taking all the necessary actions to have a wide range of golf courses at your disposal in Colombia. We are currently focused on golf courses that are close to Medellín. Because it is the business capital of the country, but we will also be in Bogotá soon.

In conclusion, the only reason you should not come to play there is that you will have a big problem getting off this golf course. You will feel that this is the place you are looking for all your life to enjoy and be happy.

See you as soon as possible. Because we are waiting for your visit to provide you with the best service with all the charisma and quality that the people there have.

Golf course near Medellín


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