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The Golf Guru Colombia services are focused to the logistic about the touristic golf plans. But for us is important to provide elements for a good experience with the golf. And give you information about the sport that we love.

Golf Guru Colombia services

Golf Guru Colombia Green Fees

We are in contact with the managers of the courses and the staff managers for coordinate all the service that you will receive. Because give you the best service is our objective.

The club house and 18 hole.

Golf Guru Colombia Insurance

The most important thing for us is the security of our customers. Because this reason we supply to you all risk liability insurance. We want that enjoy the play and the course without worries.

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Golf Guru Colombia Caddies Services

Golf Guru Colombia have a social responsibility with the golf caddies of the country. Because this reason we provide help to improve their life’s. We give them trainings for improve the services and rise their life expectations.

Player and his caddie talking about the last shot.

Elements for play golf

Our mission is based in the service and give to the foreign persons the necessary elements for practice and enjoy the golf. Therefore, we provide you clubs, balls, tees and other elements necessaries for play golf.


Additional services

Golf Guru Colombia can offer services that are off to the normal packages and it’s necessary quote individually. This services are the transportation, feeding and accommodation. For this plan just contact and tell us what do you want hire for your travel.


Tourism in Colombia

If you have planned travel for Colombia and play golf we can offer to you perfect plans with tourism included. For visit the most representative and beautiful places in Colombia contact us. After that you will have perfect golf days.

El Orquideorama in El Jadín Botánico in the Medellín city.

In conclusion you will have perfect holidays with golf incused. In other words, you never will forget your holidays in Colombia.

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