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Golf Guru Colombia wishes to highlight the emblematic sites of our Colombian land and the Medellín tourism. We have detected some places that are worth knowing and that provide a pleasant experience for tourists visiting Colombia. We want you to enjoy tourism with Golf Guru Colombia and live in addition to golf in our country, culture, science and the gastronomic scene.


Tourism in Medellín

The tram of the Metro system in the city of Medellin

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Antioquia and the art, culture and gastronomy that is lived in the region. Medellín is a tourist center of great impact for our country and the kindness of its people makes even the most skeptical fall in love. Come to Medellín to enjoy the different options offered by Golf Guru Colombia, play golf in Colombia and you will enjoy golf tourism in the main cities of our country in a safe and reliable way.

Tourist sites in Medellín and its surroundings

Medellín tourism
Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol
Museum of Modern Art of Medellín
Pueblito Paisa in Medellín
Medellín tourism
Urban art in La Cómuna 13 in Medellín
Explora Park in Medellín
Arví Park in Santa Elena
Medellín tourism
The most complete art gallery in Medellín
Medellín tourism
Medellín Botanical Garden
Medellín Planetarium

Tourism in Colombia

Colombia is a homeland with color, flavor and joy. Enjoy the best tourist experiences in our country at the hands of Golf Guru Colombia and live the golf scene in our country. We offer you everything you need to enjoy your stay in Colombia with the best guides. Build your golf package with tourism tailored to you and with the requirements you want for you and your group. Contact us for order your package.

Tourist destinations with golf in Colombia

Medellín tourism
Cartagena tourism
Medellín tourism
Barranquilla tourism
Medellín tourism
Bogotá tourism
Medellín tourism
Bucaramanga tourism
Medellín tourism
Cali tourism
Medellín tourism
Coffee Region tourism
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