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At Golf Guru Colombia we offer our clients a specialized transportation service. This is for trips that range from golf courses to hotels or locations to which customers want to be transferred. We also provide travel in our tourist services, our clients are transferred to the contracted places of destination.

Transportation types


*Luxury transportation is subject to availability and its achievement will depend on the anticipation with which the registration is made.

  • Sedan-type car: it is a car with the capacity to transport a maximum of 4 people and a maximum of 3 golf bags in the trunk.
  • Van-type transport: it is a small bus with a capacity for a maximum of 9 people and a maximum of 5 golf bags.
  • Minibus transport: it is a medium bus with a maximum capacity of 16 people and a maximum of 10 golf bags.
  • Luxury cars: we offer the possibility of hiring a luxury transport that we will accommodate according to your requirements and demands.

What is a transporter?


A transporter is the person who is going to help you get where you want to go. He is a specialist in driving and serving people where they want to go. We make a great effort to find the right people for this service. People of human quality and with a vocation for service that provide a pleasant and welcoming experience to our clients.

What is the transporter for?


A transporter provides the service of taking from one place to another safely. It also does it at the right time, moving from point A to point B with efficiency and agility. He is a person who provides his clients with the necessary means to do what they require. To be able to move from one place to another in the way you want.

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